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Antique furniture, Colonial Frontiers, Tucson Arizona Colonial Frontiers is a unique design gallery offering antique style furniture, tribal and folk art, architectural elements such as doors and columns, antique stone garden sculpture, handwrought iron gates, antique ceramics, textiles and religious art Santos figures.

Our entire inventory is gathered personally by us during our world travels, over the past 25 years.

Our theme is "worldwide colonial style" based on traditional designs that are common to each country's colonial history. Throughout the world, we have discovered a unique similarity in antique colonial style art and furnishings which complements our southwestern lifestyle and architecture.

Worldwide Colonial Style, Colonial Frontiers, Tucson Arizona We travel to Spain, Mexico and South America where the Spanish Colonial tradition is prevalent.

Looking for other Hispanic colonies, we discovered Goa, India, a Portuguese colony established in 15th century. There we found, in old palaces, homes and buildings, a rich Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English colonial influence in furniture and architectural elements, brought to India between the 16th and 19th century. The old doors, columns, armoires, chests, and tables were reminiscent of the Spanish Colonial traditions we see during our travels to Spain, Mexico, and South America.

We have also explored and collected from many other parts of the world with Hispanic/European colonial histories such as South Africa, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, and more.

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